In computer music, many spatialization algorithms use a self-contained syntax and storage-format, wherein control messages (e.g. trajectories to move a sound virtually) programmed for one application are incompatible with any other implementation.

This lack of a standardization complicates the portability of compositions and requires manual synchronization and conversion of control data - a time consuming affair. Incompatible data formats also prevent collaboration between researchers and institutions.

The general idea is to development of a format to describe, store and share spatial audio scenes across 2D/3D audio applications and concert venues.

Therefore we call for a collaborative developing of SpatDIF - a format to describe spatial audio information in a structured way to support real-time and non-real-time applications.

You can learn more about the current state of the SpatDIF development in the WIKI. If you are interested, please join also the mailing list.

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The SpatBASE is here: http://redmine.spatdif.org/projects/spatdif/wiki/SpatBASE
Added by Nils Peters over 11 years ago

SpatDIF API: SVN repository for SpatDIF API
We have set up a SVN repository for SpatDIF API.
Added by Nils Peters almost 12 years ago

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