Marlon Schumacher


04/01/2009 06:49 pm

various screencaps of patches & tutorials

Nils Peters

SpatDIF_structure flowcharts made by Jasch

03/27/2009 11:58 pm

Coordinate Systems

03/29/2009 07:09 pm

A stratified approach for sound spatialization

06/29/2009 12:50 pm

Peters, N., Lossius, T., Schacher, J., Baltazar, P., Bascou, C., and Place, T. (2009).
A stratiļ¬ed approach for sound spatialization. In Proceedings of the 6th Sound and Music Computing
Conference, Porto, Portugal.

Towards an Interchange Format for Spatial Audio Scenes

06/29/2009 01:05 pm

ICMC08 panel discussion, In Proceedings of the 2008 International Computer Music Conference, Belfast, UK.