Benchmark scenes

What is a Benchmark Scene?

A benchmark scene is a (simple) composition consist of a multichannel sound file (e.g. 4 tracks) together witha descriptionhow to spatialize these tracks.

What is the purpose of a Benchmark Scene?

Such a scene is useful to

  • compare and see how different software applications render sounds.
  • what parameter have to be set across different software applications.


The choice of sound sources of the benchmark scenes should represent spectral differences, e.g. transient sound (e.g. percussion), steady-state sound source, and a sound with a mixture of transient & steady-state characteristics (e.g. speech)

Scene Ideas

  • classic walkaround patch -> for SpatDIF speaker testing
  • cymbal sounds are a good test material because they have a lot of energy in a high frequency domain, including above the spatial aliasing frequency (depending on the array). According to Jérôme Daniel, much spatial information can become inconsistent, and therefore these sounds might be distributed "everywhere".
  • Artifacts are generally emphasized in presence of broadband signals, applauses, etc.