Binaural Extension

  • for headphone reproduction.

HRTF catalogue ?

  • Head-related transfer functions describe the sound wave propagation between the free field and a point in the ear canal. They are necessary for headphone reproduction of AVEs. One catalogue is one specific set of measurements of a human or a dummy head.

HRTF spatial resolution ?

  • Spatial resolution of the HRTFs in azimuth and elevation

HRTF filter order ?

  • HRTF frequency resolution and bandwidth or HRIR length


  • Inverse headphone transfer function

Headphone ?

  • The reproducing transducer

Headtracking device ?

  • to determine possible features, degrees of freedom, update rate, latency, accuracy
  • part of SpatDIF ?

Latency ?

  • Latency between an input like a head-tracker and the audio output


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