DBAP - Distance Based Amplitude Panning


  • Description: DBAP uses intensity panning applied to arbitrary loudspeaker configurations without assumptions as to the position of the listener. All loudspeakers radiate coherent signals, whereby the underlaying amplitude weighting is based on a distance attenuation model between the position of the virtual sound source and each loudspeaker.
  • Developer: Trond Lossius, Theo de la Hogue, Pascal Baltazar, André Sier
  • Status: unfinished SpatBASE entry
  • Platform: MaxMSP



  • "Living room", collaborative installation/workshop. Sound by Trond Lossius and Thorolf Thuestad. Galleri KiT, Trondheim, 2003.
  • Verdensteatret: Concert for Greenland. Work for stage. 2004-2006.
  • Verdensteatret: The telling orchestra. Installation. 2005-2007
  • Verdensteatret: Louder. Work for stage. 2007-2009
  • "Imploding Spaces". Site specific installation by Trond Lossus. Fjell Fortress, 2008


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  • Lossius, T, P. Baltazar and T. de la Hogue (2009): DBAP - Distance-based amplitude panning. Proceeding of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Montreal, Canada, 2009. [pdf]
  • Lossius, T. (2007). Sound Space Body: Reflections on Artistic Practice. Submitted in partial fulfillment for Research Fellowship in the Arts. Bergen National Academy of the Arts. [pdf]