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Jan Schacher, 08/09/2011 12:16 am

ICMC 2011 Huddersfield

ICMC unconf: SpatDIF meeting & space dinner 2011

Unconf Meeting: 2011-08-02 15:30 - 17:15



Nils Peters (NP)
Natasha Barrett (NB)
Scott Wilson (SW)
Hans Tutschku (HT)
Gary Kendall (GK)
Jan Schacher (JS)
Marlon Schumacher (MS)
Jean Bresson (JB)
Frank Melchior (FM)
Ryan McGee (RM)


Point Sources and other types of Sources (spread sources, granular clouds, perceptual gradients) - compound sources (NB, SW)
Spatialisation Not post-process

Process information vs. rendering instructions

GK: motivate people to use the format
SW: lowest common denomnator ?

keyword: transportability

GK: spatial intermediate representation

levels of mixing -> discrete channels vs. downmixed content

layers: as groups in diffusion practise (SW, GK, HT)

GK: describe target reproduction site

keyconcept: object-based vs. channel-based (stream-based)

HT: automation curves in DAWs, modify store export (how?)
DAW with osc-output, does it exist?

Roadmap of priorities: what are the goals?

Space Dinner: 2011-08-02 18:15 - 20:00


Andrian Freed (AF)
David Wessel (DW)
Gary Kendall (GK)
Frank Melchior (FM)
Nils Peters (NP)
Jan Schacher (JS)
Natasha Barrett (NB)
Marlon Schumacher (MS)
Jean Bresson (JB)
Eric Lyon (EL)
Andres Cabrera (AC)
Diemo Schwartz (DS)


AF: Buy-in from a big vendor necessary for acceptance
NP: history of Zippy? AF: history of OSC

GK: more discussion this year about file-formats/interpretation less about real-time transformations

AF: key: make it relevant, cost of entry should be low

SDIF not light-weight: extensibility is a burden
user-interface issue

GK: leadership -> dictatorship

AF: symbolic representation vs. indexed representation (MIDI as an example)

spatial defininions - perceptual spaces / topological spaces

AF: RE: quaternions Tom Duff aks him about kernel functions

different viewpoints: usability

AF: SDIF class inheritance as model - failed

the opennes of the format generated a PROLIFERATION of formats

AF: OSC composable type system -> not in the language - imprtant feature

AF: says he's always "raving about time-tags" - nobody uses them in osc.

big companies corrupt the format

AVB - nano-second accurat (IEEE 88) unified clock
show-control as a background -> cirque du soleil, needs intergrated solution

Q by AF: is there a DEV-Kit
idea of a bake-off in osc helped to make it known
competition with the same data-set (example files)
comparison of results -> what's the app

AF: symbolic representation
express intent in a vague way:
uncertainty of properties - range of unvcertainty
every parameter can have a degree of uncertainty

DW: compound sources
- grouped

AF: are there diffusors?
NB: diffusers as common practise in EAM

AF: what's the relationshipü to the industries?
game-play videogames -> need plasticity
cinema -> dolby

EL: what's the target audience?
In his opinion SpatDIF is un-usable for him
(he's working in a channel-based paradigm)
remixing? every peice has to be reixed for every new venue

GK: intermediate representation

when diffusing a piece, the interpreter needs to playing around where to put layers, groups of sounds, to adapt to specific venue setup.

NP to all: what are the 5 most important venues for multichannel diffusion?
response from the table: SARC, Allosphere, ZKM Klangdom, IEM-Cube, TU-Berlin

GK: competition
simple renderer / standard renderer (Binaural ?)

SpatDIF capture layers in software workflows
how to record data and media from a software environment

add playback engine

notions: encoder/decoder -> refer to flowdiagram authoring layer / renderer interpreter
Submix: NRT?

Notes by jasch