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Nils Peters, 07/05/2011 12:08 am

Welcome to the Wiki of SpatDIF.


The Format

  • Core descriptors
    The currently proposed core descriptors.
    Core descriptors must be understood by every SpatDIF compliant renderer.
  • SpatDIF extensions
    Proposals for the use of Extensions
    Extensions are not part of the core functionalities, so that renderers are not mandated to understand this information. They can be considered as proposals.
    The most commonly used ones might become included into the core in future SpatDIF versions (via a consensus process of the community)
Extension name Type Position on Roadmap
Acoustic Spaces Extension
Ambisonics Extension
Binaural Extension
Directivity Extension
Distance-attenuation Extension
Event Extension
Geo-transform Extension

Interpolation Extension

Media Extension

Time-transform Extension

Trajectory Extension

Current polls

  • Distance Attenuation - tbd. (Nils?)

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