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Nils Peters, 09/30/2012 07:19 am

VBAP - Vector Base Amplitude Panning


  • Description: VBAP is an efficient extension of stereophonic amplitude panning techniques, applied to multi-loudspeaker setups. In a horizontal plane around the listener, a virtual sound source at a certain position is created by applying the tangent panning law between the closest pair of loudspeaker. This principle was also extended to project sound sources onto a three dimensional sphere and assumes that the listener is located in the center of the equidistant speaker setup.
  • Developer: Ville Pulkki, TKK
  • Status: unfinished SpatBASE entry
  • Platform: Csound, Pure Data, MaxMSP, SuperCollider




  • art or research projects utilizing this spatial renderer


  • Pulkki, V. (2001). Spatial Sound Generation and Perception by Amplitude Panning Techniques. PhD thesis, Helsinki University of Technology. [web]

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