VBAP - Vector Base Amplitude Panning

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h1. VBAP - Vector Base Amplitude Panning

h1. Summary

* Description: VBAP is an efficient extension of stereophonic amplitude panning techniques, applied to multi-loudspeaker setups. In a horizontal plane around the listener, a virtual sound source at a certain position is created by applying the tangent panning law between the closest pair of loudspeaker. This principle was also extended to project sound sources onto a three dimensional sphere and assumes that the listener is located in the center of the equidistant speaker setup.
* Developer: Ville Pulkki, TKK
* Status: unfinished SpatBASE entry
* Platform: Csound, Pure Data, MaxMSP, SuperCollider

h1. Availiability

* [[VBAP for Pure Data or MaxMSP]]
* VBAP for SuperCollider
* VBAP for Csound
* VBAP in Jamoma
* VBAP implementation in "Spatial Audio Matlab Toolbox":http://www.isophonics.net/content/spatial-audio-matlab-toolbox
* VBAP in the "SSR - Sound Scape Renderer":https://dev.qu.tu-berlin.de/projects/ssr/

h2. Related

* [[rvbap]] - reverberated VBAP
* [[SSP - Sound Surface Panning]]

h1. Projects

* art or research projects utilizing this spatial renderer

h1. References

* Pulkki, V. (2001). Spatial Sound Generation and Perception by Amplitude Panning Techniques. PhD thesis, Helsinki University of Technology. "[web]":http://lib.tkk.fi/Diss/2001/isbn9512255324/

External Links

* "Ville Pulkki's VBAP webpage":http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/research/cat/vbap/